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~Welcome to Blossom a company dedicated to helping humanity grow~

For over 50 years a remote company has been keeping and experimenting on various

viruses, parasites and other forms of infection, keeping them contained and away from humanity. Their intentions on the outside seemingly only to keep humanity safe and ultimately find a cure for said diseases in the event of an outbreak. Despite these apparent pure intentions the keeping of such high risk organisms would eventually result in the destruction of the company from the inside out with the take over of a creature nicknamed The Brain by the many staff working with it. 

The Brain is a cordyceps fungus far more advanced than any fungus known to man. Over the 40+ years of containment the staff at Blossom have cultivated it to a massive size, eventually splitting the main body of the organism for various forms of testing. This would ultimately be the companies death sentence, creating a hive mind spread across the entire facility. 

Also within the facilities wall lives Alex. Born and raised in the facility Alex has been infected from birth with a virus that allows him to control the very structure his bones take. Fortunately for him it is concentrated only in his left arm. Unfortunately for him it has led to a lifetime of experimentation and the creation of another like him known as Delta.


CW: Horror, medical horror. Mistreatment of animals, humans and children. Parasites, infection, zombies. Death. 

Blossom started out in 2018 as an idea for a resident evil fan game. It has since evolved into its own concept and is constantly being updated and worked on.  

This current version of the PDF was completed as a university project at UCA in 2020. It has since been scrapped and many aspects of it are being reworked including many of the large illustrations, spelling mistakes and lore rewrites. Along side this a prototype game is currently in pre-production. 

All artwork and writing was completed by Louis Dixon


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